At a time when everything and everyone is deemed disposable and replaceable, my work attempts to prove the opposite: that we can rethink, reinvent and rebuild with the discarded, the unwanted and the used.  Using a combination of ephemera from around the world pasted and painted onto recycled supports, I try to fuse together diverse cultures by integrating in my art what seems to be falling apart in our physical world. 


Through the materialization of imaginary architectural and cultural juxtapositions I explore possibilities and apparent impossibilities.  You might find Paris is crowded with mosques or even invaded by Bolivians. Suddenly, Mexican cathedrals have sprung up all over New York City!  


My work invites you to participate: the more you look, the more you will discover, as I did in my life.   Nothing is ever what is seems. 

Ahlan Wasahlan!

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