Vane Trepp is a Paris-born serial migrant, a Bolivian citizen with German ancestry and a nomadic artist of Muslim heritage,   She grew up in Bolivia, Brazil and the US, going on to receive her formal art training in Chile, Egypt and France. Vane Trepp currently resides in Mexico City.


Vane Trepp´s multi-disciplinarian art has evolved  from material production-based processes into more conceptual, inclusive, participative contemporary art projects.  Her themes revolve around migration, religion, decolonization, environment and technology.


Vane Trepp has been in individual and collective exhibitions in museums, institutions and galleries in Mexico and abroad and has received various commissions, having work in collections around the world.  She has also illustrated two books and won an award.


Solo shows

2019  Vista Verde Country Club in Tehuacan, Puebla

2018  Ciudades Invisibles (Invisible Cities)  at Casa Melchor Pinto in Santa Cruz de la Sierra 

2018  El velo de Sur a Sur (The Veil from South to South) at Galería Progreso in Mexico City


2017  Ciudades Invisibles (Invisible Cities) en Alianza Francesa,  Metepec, Toluca

2015  Private showing at my studio in Mexico City

2013  Indiferencia (Indifference) at Casa Museo León Trotsky in Coyoacán,  Mexico City

2009  Reinvención y Reconstrucción (Reinvention and Reconstruction) at  3s Arte in La Paz, Bolivia

2007  Tinkusíña (Aymara word meaning two antagonistic forces of equal 

           strength fitting together) at  Institut Catholique de Paris, France

2005  Salam (Peace) at Brightstar Corp. in Miami, FL  USA

2003  Salam (Peace) at Alternativa Centro de Arte in La Paz,  Bolivia

Group shows

2018    Zócalo Capitalino, Ciudad de México


2017   Galería Adriana Maar in Mexico City

2016   American School Foundation Art Fair in México City

2012   Seminario de Cultura Mexicana in Mexico City 

2011   Casa Benemérito de las Américas-Villa Coyoacán in México City

2009   Centro de la Juventud Arte y Cultura Futurama in México City

2008   Centro Cultural Ollin Yolitzli  in México City

2007   Casa del ¨Bicentenario del Benemérito Benito Juarez¨ in Mexico City

2006   Centro de Arte Alternativo  in La Paz, Bolivia

1996   American University in Cairo, Egypt


1997 Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with Minor in Art from American University in Cairo, Egypt

1999 Master of Business Administration from MpD at Universidad Católica Boliviana in La Paz, Bolivia

2005 Master of  International Education from Framingham State University, Massachussetts

2009 Maîtrise Arts Plastiques et Numériques at Paris1 Panthéon-Sorbonne  Paris, France

2017 Art Therapy Diploma from  UNAM in  Mexico City

Artistic Residency

2018  Creative Ecologies and Aesthetics of Autonomy  (Ecología Creativa y Estética de la Autonomía)

           Casa Giap, San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

2017  Seminario de mociones: ejercer mundos insumisos, Casa Vecina Zonaz de Obra y Fundación Del                           Centro Histórico, Mexico City

2016  Marketing Digital: Estrategias y aplicaciones



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